Getting Job Application Rejections?

We have all been through it, we discover the perfect job, we apply, we wait… then days, or perhaps in some cases weeks later, we have the rejection confirmation.

But why?
This could be a difficult question to respond to. There can be quite a wide range of causes of a company not proceeding along with your application for employment. Sometimes we could get frustrated using the process and quickly try and blame something or someone for that lack of progress inside our job search.

So, breathe deeply and lets concentrate on some from the issues or points that could be holding us back!

What are a number of the reasons why you retain getting rejections?
While this may not be an extensive list, there are many basic issues that we can and may consider. Take a considered approach when you work through them…

Job Advertisement
An important area of the process is looking for the details included in the job advertisement. Do you have a full comprehension of the role as well as the specific requirements the business is searching for?

For Example: while a business may advertise for the Administration Assistant, something you could have done in the last, there could be some specific skills, tasks or experiences they’re looking for that will not be obvious through the position title.

In my a lot of recruitment, you can be surprised the quantity of applications are received from individuals who don’t qualify of the role, or result from completely different backgrounds and sectors.

While absolutely nothing is wrong in crossing sectors or taking another profession, in truth it is usually a very positive move, you need to realise the skills you have to offer, what’s cross transferable and what skills met the criteria of the role. You need to clearly highlight those transferable skills inside your resume and employment cover letter, these may ‘t be immediately clear for the recruiter or hiring manager.

If that you are unsure when your skills meet the criteria of the role, have you thought to call their HR team and get. Tell them you wish to clarify your fit for that role and also have an open discussion about this. During such conversations, you could get access to key information that will permit you to perfect your resume/job cover letter to further boost your prospects of moving to your next stage.

Check the Application Process/Requirements!
At the conclusion of each advertisement, there exists often a part of information on how to use. This generally is a simple send your resume and job application letter by clicking the apply today button.

However, you should definitely follow any specific requests. If you make application for a role that specifies “send a job application letter outlining what specifically prompted one to apply for this situation with company x along using your resume”, be sure you have the appropriate content within your cover letter.

If the advertisement requests a job application letter, then do send one.

You wish to show that you are able to follow instructions so you have an eye for detail.

I recall one specific role that I was recruiting for, I asked to get a resume, resume cover letter and a two page statement asking a criminal record to address how their skills met the unique requirements with the role. The role would be a very specific position and required exceptional care about detail skills. Out of 70+ applicants, only 5 followed the method, and therefore, demonstrated focus to detail.

Is your resume and job application letter fit for purpose?
Seems simple, right?

Well… only if they’re. They need to be all to easy to navigate, the real key information ought to be readable within 5 – 20 seconds of an individual viewing the document.

If you’ve held numerous specific careers, you need to have stand-alone focused resumes that allow that you truly demonstrate your unique skills and experiences compared to that sector with depth, instead of a wide-ranging overly general resume.

Are your contact information correct?
Basic, I know, but…
You will likely be surprised the quantity of times I’ve aimed to contact an applicant and they’ve had an unacceptable mobile number, and email contacts on his or her documents. This simply sets an unacceptable impression and shows a absence of attention to detail.

Are you sending the correct version within your resume/job cover letter?
Before you send out your application, look resume and job application letter. You may have done some updates and also you could send an existing version missing key information.

When recruiting, I would receive a minimum of 10 resumes per day that had been checked with a friend that added tracked changes. The applicant didn’t review or accept the modifications and would simply apply while using resume while using changes, clearly highlighted… often showing grammar and spelling errors. So, make sure before you apply.

Your Cover Letter, have you ever addressed it for the right business and person. This is a thing that is often forgotten. People tailor their job cover letter, forget over it and a few weeks when needed that resume cover letter to have a new role – this error can ruin the application chances.

Getting Job Application Rejections?

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